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CisternYard Media Advisory Board

The CisternYard Media Advisory Board is represented by executive staff members, faculty/staff members and off-campus members.

2018-19 CisternYard Media Advisory Board Members

  • Cheyenne Abrams, Editor-in-Chief, CisternYard News
  • Donovan Bailey, General Manager, CisternYard Video
  • William Dukes, General Manager, CisternYard Radio
  • Jake Keim, Editor-in-Chief, Miscellany
  • Courtney Hicks, Public Relations Manager
  • Jacob Glass, Sales Manager
  • Dr. Amanda Ruth-McSwain, Associate Professor and Director of the Bully Pulpit Series, College of Charleston
  • Sam Spence, Web Editor, Charleston City Paper
  • Christine Workman, Director of Student Life, College of Charleston (ex-officio)
  • Whitney Brown, Assistant Director for Programming and Student Media Programs, College of Charleston (ex-officio)
  • Madison Crockett, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Life (ex-officio)